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the longest day- slumber

Hi all

i'll be brief. The Longest Day is a musical project undertaken by myself and slowlight, which ran for most of the late 1990s. Our biggest regret was that we never got together and recorded our stuff, and have been promising ourselves for years to get it done. Well in August this year we spent a week at my place recording an album, using old drum tracks and loops that we recorded years ago.

It's a result of our love of space rock and indie stuff - flying saucer attack, MBV, Crescent, Mogwai etc - the influences of which can definitely (and unashamedly) be heard throughout.

Our main aim is to get it out there to as many interested people as we can. If anyone would like a copy, we're more than happy to post you a freebie. send an email to thelongestday at and we'll get one to you.

there's some cover art attached...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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